Boston Herald’s Joe Fitzgerald aspires to be the next George Orwell

By | February 16, 2010


To the editor:

I enjoyed Joe Fitzgerald’s recent satire of the pro-life movement. I laughed so hard coffee came out my nose when I read that “the only choice [the pro-choice movement] will tolerate is its own.” It was obvious that he was joking, since it’s so patently absurd to suggest that people protecting a woman’s right to choose are trying to deny her a choice.

Wait, what’s that? He was serious? Are you sure? Oh, in that case, never mind.

Fitzgerald is right that pro-choice extremists sometimes say stupid things, but I’ll take them over the extremists on the other side who think it’s God’s work to assassinate doctors performing legal medical procedures.

Jonathan Kamens, Brighton

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One thought on “Boston Herald’s Joe Fitzgerald aspires to be the next George Orwell

  1. Madeline Eysie

    I need a journalilst/writer that will publish my brothers story in the Herald.
    He is a recipient of a mechanical heart (LVAD- August 2011@ Tufts Medical.
    As an infant, contracted meningitis of the brain. Only Military used penicillin as an experiment, but because dad worked for a newspaper during a war
    they gave it priority and flew it to Logan where they dispensed it at Boston Children’s Hospital. Subsequently, they removed the lining of his brain and told my mother to take him home to die. The methods back in the 40’s were draconian to say the least.
    He is an incredible human being that was challenged over and over again.
    He became a star drummer in New England and is the “unofficial Mayor” of our town, Norwood, Mass.

    I want to tell his story because it reflects family, strength, tenacity all of which continues today with my mom 93 yrs. young.

    Please assist me with this incredible story. Thanks

    Madeline Eysie


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