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Boston Herald’s Joe Fitzgerald aspires to be the next George Orwell

To: letterstoeditor@bostonherald.com To the editor: I enjoyed Joe Fitzgerald’s recent satire of the pro-life movement. I laughed so hard coffee came out my nose when I read that “the only choice [the pro-choice movement] will tolerate is its own.” It was obvious that he was joking, since it’s so patently absurd to suggest that people… Read More »

Joe Fitzgerald’s token Christmas-loving Jew

To: letterstoeditor@bostonherald.com To the editor: On Dec. 10, Joe Fitzgerald wrote about Irina Koltoniuc, his favorite Christmas-loving Jew, for the sixth time (“Jewish immigrant champions Christmas”).  Does he keep writing about the same woman because he’s too lazy to find someone else, or because he can’t find any other Jews willing to talk about how… Read More »