FedEx follies

By | November 2, 2010

FedEx tried three times over the past week to make a delivery of two packages to our house. Two times, no one was home, and the third, my wife didn’t get to the door fast enough and the courier left. The door tag left after each attempt said someone had to be home to sign for delivery.

We weren’t expecting anything. We had no idea what it was that FedEx was trying to deliver. Nevertheless, after the final delivery attempt, I went to the FedEx Web site and had them reroute the delivery to a FedEx storefront near my office.

I just visited the storefront to pick up the packages. It turns out they were addressed to someone else, at the house across the street from us.

To be clear: the name and address on the packages was correct. Three times in a row, the FedEx courier tried to deliver them to the wrong address. Our house number is on our mailbox, five inches high, directly below where the courier stuck the door tags.


UPDATE: I just spoke with the intended recipient of these packages. She had just gotten off the phone with FedEx, who told her that since there had been three failed delivery attempts (to the wrong address!), they had no choice but to send the packages back to their origin. No joke! I told her to call back and keep escalating until she managed to speak to someone with a brain and the authority to use it.

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