Nation of Change trying to cover their tracks?

By | August 12, 2011

I wrote recently about spam I received from a new, shady-seeming progressive organization called Nation of Change, sent to an email address that I had only ever used to subscribe to another organization’s mailing list.

I asked a lot of questions about Nation of Change, and thus far they’ve failed to respond to any of them. Here’s what has happened instead.

In response to my complaint, a representative of Nation of Change informed me, “I was unable to find your address: [elided] in our system.” I sent back a reply in which I included the entire header of the spam from Nation of Change, showing clearly that they had sent email to that address. They did not respond.

Much more significantly, several days later I received a “Thank you for Signing Up!” email sent to the same tagged email address from a different progressive web site, When I complained to them, they claimed that someone had entered the address into the subscription form on their web site.

This is certainly not coincidence. It looks very much to me like whoever is behind the unauthorized transfer of a list of email addresses from Brave New Foundation to Nation of Change is trying to cover their tracks by making it look like I’m lying about the privacy of the email address in question. Either that, or they’re just being vindictive and trying to make my life difficult because I exposed their actions.

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