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IMPORTANT UPDATE on Brave New Foundation and Nation of Change

I wrote several days ago about spam I received from Nation of Change at an email address which had previously only been shared with Brave New Foundation. Earlier today, I wrote about Nation of Change apparently attempting to cover their tracks after their unauthorized use of email addresses was discovered and reported by me. I… Read More »

Nation of Change trying to cover their tracks?

I wrote recently about spam I received from a new, shady-seeming progressive organization called Nation of Change, sent to an email address that I had only ever used to subscribe to another organization’s mailing list. I asked a lot of questions about Nation of Change, and thus far they’ve failed to respond to any of… Read More »

“Nation of Change”, who are you and why are you spamming me?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of August 12, 2011, it appears that Brave New Foundation had nothing to do with the spam reported below and in fact they are as much a victim as I am. Please see this posting for details. Dear Nation of Change (along with Brave New Foundation), Let me tell you about a little strategy I… Read More »