UnbeatableSale.com: scam artists extraordinaire

By | September 7, 2011

We were recently in the market for a new dresser for our daughter. After a great deal of research, we settled upon a particular Carolina Cottage dresser. Since we knew exactly which dresser we wanted, we decide to buy it on-line, which wouldn’t cost any more than a brick-and-mortar store, since we’d have to have it delivered in any case, and might cost even less.

After researching online prices for this dresser, we found one site, PriceFalls.com, with a price significantly lower than all of the others. It turns out that PriceFalls storefronts other merchants as well as selling its own stuff, and this particular deal was actually being offered by Unbeatable Sale, a.k.a. UnbeatableSales.com, Bon’Cui, PlayingKitchen.com, ComfortMarket, TechnoOutlet.com, FunToyMall.com, ToolsChest, GreaterMedical, TravelBagsMall.com, HalloweenMall, PetShopUSA.com, WeddingPartyMall, and lord only knows what else.

I’ll let the letter I sent earlier today to the Cyber Fraud Unit of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs pick up the story from here…

To whom it may concern:

On September 1, I ordered a dresser from Unbeatable Sale, 195 Lehigh Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701 (tel: 732-363-0606; email: david@unbeatablesale.com). The order was placed through pricefalls.com. A copy of the order is attached. Both pricefalls.com and unbeatablesale.com indicated then, and continue to indicate today, that the item is in stock; printouts from both web sites are attached.

Today, I received email from notifying me that my order had been canceled: “Due to high demand for the Carolina Furniture 415600 Cottage Double Dresser Furniture In White, it has become unavailable for the foreseeable future, so as a result we had to cancel your order.” A copy of this email is attached.

I called Unbeatable Sale and spoke to a woman who identified herself as Ashley. She put me on hold for about ten minutes and then came back and said she didn’t know why the order had been canceled but if I wanted she could give me the extension of a sales manager who would call me back later.

I told her that was not acceptable. Offering a product for sale, claiming that it is in stock, taking a customer’s money for it, and then refusing to deliver the product is an illegal bait-and-switch, and I did not have the time or inclination to play phone tag with a sales manager who would no doubt not, in fact, return my calls. I told her I expected her to solve the problem now and find out how to deliver to me the product that I ordered at the price for which they offered it.

She put me on hold for about another ten minutes and then came back with another story. According to her this time, my order was canceled because UPS refused to deliver the item because it was too large or heavy or something (I forget exactly what she said), and that the cost of shipping the item by freight instead would be $230, much higher than the $91.99 shipping charge I had been quoted when I placed the order. She offered at that time to reopen my order if I was willing to pay the higher shipping charge.

I told her that, too, was not acceptable. Unbeatable Sale was aware of the size and weight of the item when offering it for sale; if they calculated the shipping wrong, that was their problem, not mine. They were legally obligated to deliver the product for the price they offered, and if they refused to do so, I would file a complaint with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. I told her I wasn’t going to sit on hold for yet another ten minutes, and she had five minutes to come back onto the phone and tell me that Unbeatable Sale was, in fact, going to deliver my order as promised.

She put me on hold for another few minutes and then came back and told me there was no way they were going to reinstate my order unless I agreed to pay $230 for shipping, and if I didn’t like it I could go ahead and file a complaint with the government. Hence this letter.

When I search for “unbeatablesale.com” and “unbeatablesales.com” on the internet, which I should have done before I ordered something from them, I see that they have been scamming people like this for years.

This company is clearly engaging in unfair and deceptive business practices which are clearly illegal, and I hope that you will investigate their activities and bring the full power of your office to bear on stopping them.

If you wish to discuss this with me further, you can reach me at (___) ___-____ or by email (preferred) at jik@kamens.us.


Jonathan Kamens

UPDATE [September 12, 2011]: Today, I received an email message from Unbeatable Sale saying they “would like to make this situation right” and offering to sell me the dresser at the originally quoted price. I responded as follows:

I have already placed a new order for the dresser from Linens N Things. Your offer is too little, too late.

Furthermore, since I am now convinced that your company knowingly engages in dishonest business practices, I would not willingly do business with you even if I hadn’t already ordered the dresser from someone else.

In addition, Unbeatable Sale is now showing a shipping cost for this item of $237.99 when purchased either directly from them or via PriceFalls.com, making them far and away the most expensive option for this item on froogle.com. This looks to me an awful lot like an ex post facto attempt to cover their asses should the AG decide to investigate my complaint.



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49 thoughts on “UnbeatableSale.com: scam artists extraordinaire

  1. Wendora Witaszek

    Ordered the nightstand in January. It came with a crack all the way up on of the side legs. I immediately contacted the company who said they would file a claim with their delivery company. I told them the box was perfect, the item must have been damaged before placing in the box. They said they had to do it anyway. I sent several emails only to get the “working on it” response. Now, 3 months later, I get an email that said the carrier denied the claim. Called the company multiple times and go the runaround. Today, I am told that they will not refund or replace. They said I should have checked the product before the freight delivery left. I had 6 boxes that took over an hour to get into and get the furniture unpacked. I seriously doubt the freight delivery guys would have waited. It took 4 months for them to tell me I must accept their broken product. This company is horrible to deal with and their customer service is pitiful.

  2. marlene Russell

    bought headphones not working, can’t get them to even call or answer, thiefs all the way, should have read the reviews before ordering, tried in 10 minutes after read them and said can’t becasue order already shipped. they should be in prison.

  3. ph214

    I went to walmart.com, ordered 3 items.Believing I was ordering from walmart.
    2 items came in on time. The 3rd was taking forever. It was a gift and I was starting to worry. I contacted walmart and they told me it was a 3rd party sale.
    I asked to cancel the order. They told me they could not do that, to contact unbeatable sale myself. I did. I asked when my item would arrive?
    I was told, it was not even processed yet, so it would be some time. I asked to cancel the order. I was told ” We have a no exchange, no return, no cancel for any reason policy” I asked them, really? What if its broken??
    She again stated the No refund..ect. She then told me as a one time deal, she would cancel the order, since it was not processed at that time. I thanked her. 2 days later BOOM its delivered.
    I called and said, I recveieved an email of cancelation, why did I get the item? No answer to that. Turns out…I jinxed myself, my item was broken. So now I have a broken item that I cant give as a gift OR use.
    Walamrt refused to help, and unbeatable sale is a rip off business. the BBB is FILLED with complaints exactly like mine, only some people were able to send theirs back and then got charged a “restock fee”.
    Unreal the door is broken (glass cracked and door wont close) and it hangs crooked, kind of like the company.

  4. KLC

    I’m not a fan of UnBeatableSales. They’ve never been price competitive when shipping is added. Yet somehow they are one of the larger internet companies.
    As an e-tailer myself, I understand that someone somewhere thought it would go UPS, but couldn’t. And eating $140 is not something a company should have to do for an innocent pricing error. You’ll find a disclaimer on almost every website about pricing errors. Just like a newspaper ad for an item on sale for $9.99 instead of $99.99, there is no obligation for unintentional errors.
    But with UnBeatable it seems to be a reoccurring theme. Nevertheless, they should have contacted you immediately to resolve the issue.
    Dragging out issues to wear people down seems to be the M.O. of a lot of companies, which is too bad.
    BTW, my sites don’t compete with Unbeatable on any products.



    1. Amy Lucier

      They had a listing on walmart.com for 6 canisters of hand wipes of 300 ea, but when I rec’d the order, there was only 1 canister. They blamed it on Walmart.com and refused to refund shipping, which was roughly half the total cost of the transaction. They only refunded me the cost of the product itself after I threatened them with all sorts of negative consequences such as leaving scathing reviews wherever and whenever possible, filing complaint w/ BBB, etc…

      False advertisers with no ethics, customer service, or integrity
      flagrant thieves

  6. Pamela Laws

    Anyone interested in filing a class action suit against these bastards can count me in. Ripoff after ripoff. I only got screwed for under $20 but if they are doing this to tens of thousands of customers then they are making millions off consumers by intentional fraud. Sue every company that does business with them like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Maybe that will put them out of business and while we’re at it why hasn’t the NJ AG brought this guy and his company up on criminal fraud charges yet, golfing buddy ???

  7. William

    I am terribly depressed that Amazon and Walmart is continuing to support these scam artist. They are aware of their practice. Maybe we should all boycott these businesses

  8. Denise Boeder

    Sigh. Well UnbeatableSales sold me a patio heater that never worker from th time it was out of the box. They wouldn’t offer an exchange because the 30 day warranty was up and couldn’t even offer trouble shooting assistance. Set fire to my $124.00.

  9. Robert McClure

    These crooks are one and the same. Ripping people off with inferior merchandise. Spread the word, DONOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAMMERS! i ordered a Healthy chips maker, 3 pc set. They sent me a beat up box with one piece in it. The other 2 pieces were missing. I called them and got the runaround. Told to wait on a call that never came. Forget getting your money back. Somebody needs to put these crooks out of business and stop them for ripping off honest people.

  10. Susan

    I am next in line to be scammed by Unbeatable Sales, Inc. (New Jersey)…even YEARS after this blog post! Meaning…they continue to get away with criminal business transactions that no one puts a stop to.
    i, too, thought I was ordering initially from Walmart Marketplace. My order arrived damaged with the box crushed in. Consequently, 6 items inside the box were severely damaged and unusable. I,,,however DID take pictures of the damaged shipping box as it arrived before even opening. Contacted “Unbeatable Sales” with the photo’s and letter referencing my order number.

    Don’t worry…to all the people out there who did NOT follow MY protocol…it wouldn’t have helped ANYWAY…they keep sending me messages giving me any one of THREE (3) lame excuses.

    Unbeat excuse #1. “What is your order number?”
    My response…..I’ve referenced my order number , every time I’ve written you correspondence including the one you are responding to.

    Unbeat excuse #2. “We will need photo’s of the damage”
    My response….I’ve sent you THREE in my INITIAL complaint to you

    Unbeat excuse #3. “Your order is past the 30 day limit for exchanges or returns”
    My response…No it’s NOT…it’s 20 days since I placed the order….16 days since the order arrived damaged to me……and one week since you’ve been jacking me around asking me to send information that I’ve already provided to you.

    Unbeat excuse #4. “We are sorry this has happened to you”
    My response…you haven’t given me ANY reason to believe that you are sorry in ANY way….it’s all just a bunch of fluffy talk to make me think you’re all very NICE and then quietly go away without a problem and without MY money or usuable item!!!!!

    In a week of EMPTY correspondence with them…I’ve resorted to the fact that they will NOT refund me the money they owe to me, nor will they replace the damaged items that are garbage! My guess is that they will continue to jack me around for another 10 days when the ACTUAL “30 days to exchange or return” has expired!

    Gonna make it my PERSONAL endeavor for the NEW YEAR to make sure they STOP STEALING from good people……CRIMINALS!!!!!!

  11. OneThirdSatisfied

    I wish I had read these horror stories before ordering from comfortmarket.com. I ordered what appeared to be a bunkbed with a trundle unit for the “unbeatablesale” price of $114 + $70 shipping. When it arrived it was just the trundle unit. $180 for a bunk bed and trundle is unbeatable; $180 for a frame on casters with no bed to slide it under is not so much. The sales associate on the phone was rude and incalcitrant, insisting that I should have known from the price and the absence of word “bunk” from the product name that only the trundle was included, despite the picture and product details clearly describing the whole bed. I’m still waiting to hear if the wharehouse will take it back, but based on the stories above, I’m guessing not.

  12. Cindy

    I order 2 large pails of Safety Paw ice melter and was charged for both and only received one. Was under the impression that I was ordering these from Walmart since it was their site I ordered off of. Contacted Walmart and they shoved me off to Unbeatable Scam Artists. I am so UNHAPPY with Walmart for having these scam artists on their site. Buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!

  13. brian

    unbeatable sales should be called beatable sales everyone beats there prices. i just was looking for a remote there price is $28.61 Jasco 24922 Universal Remote Control in Silver the list price on ge
    jasco website is Price: $12.99 and you can get them for $10 what a ripoff.

  14. ariel

    I ordered a set of bowls from them through Rakuten.com. My order was cancelled but the website still showed sets in stock so I placed another order and sent an inquiry to Rakuten. Rakuten had no explanation as they also showed unbeatablesale still showed sets in stock. As a result, I placed a second order….which also got cancelled. In the meantime, I received an email from Unbeatablesale saying the bowls were not in “sellable condition”. Okay so…that explains one set but, what about the other sets as, they still show 3 sets in stock. I’d order a different color, of which they show 2 sets in stock, however, I’m sure those orders would get cancelled as well.

    1. ariel

      interestingly enough…I just went directly to the unbeatablesale.com website and they show the same bowls for sale for $21 each but on Rakuten they are $21 for a set of 4. Sounds to me like they just don’t want to honor the advertised price on Rakuten.

  15. Emily

    What I can’t understand is that WALMART is offering this company’s products on its website! And of course, what Walmart says is different from what the company says. Wonder if Walmart even cares . . .

    1. William

      I got screwed by unbeatable sales through Walmart also. Did not receive coins ordered through Walmart and paid to them with my Pay Pal. Now Walmart will not refund my money. I am out of $187.27 but still fighting them. William

      1. William

        I am still fighting with unbeatablesales. I paid $187.27 for a 11 coins (none Silver nor collectable) The face value is $4.05. jusy as other buyer, they are using the 30 day retun, even though they were notified of this scam immediately. William Cox

  16. Carolyn

    Horrible customer service! They made a mistake with my order and didn’t take responsibility for it. I specifically placed a phone order because I wanted to be sure that I received a certain granite and sink color. The salesperson on the phone went back and forth confirming the price we agreed on as well as the specifics of the order. He told me not to place my order online and he would for me to make sure specifications were correct and then my vanity came without a sink or granite! After already paying for shipping once, Pricefalls wanted me to pay and arrange for shipping to return it or pay another several hundred dollars for the sink and granite and more shipping charges! They wouldn’t even pay for shipping on a mistake they made!! I contacted the CEO as well as the Director of Customer Relations several times and they would not rectify the matter. They told me they had no way of knowing who took the order even though there are fewer than 10 people who could have. There is no way they don’t have a record of who places the order when they are dealing with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!”

  17. Rose

    I ordered some sterling jewelry from them…guess I was one of the lucky ones. Their sales person was very helpful. Actually answered my questions regarding details about the jewelry after checking with the warehouse…I have received the jewelry in two different shipments…..Especially pleased with the merchandise and service. Had to return one piece. Called them for
    specifics for returns….returned via USPS as instructed and have already received a refund.

  18. mike

    The biggest issue with the company is that they do not actually stock most of the products. They outsource through distributors that drop ship the items to you. this causes issues when they list products on their site that the distributor might be out of stock on and the item is ordered, you are out of luck. This also means returns are very difficult since unbeatable never actually had the product in the first place.
    This method of business is becoming common on the internet as there is little to no overhead. That is why prices can be offered so low. Unbeatable is happy to make small margins and be the lowest on price as they do not actually have to stock products. You pay them, they order through their supplier who then ships the product to you, if they actually have it!

  19. Kim

    I am so glad I saw this. I was just contacted by unbeatable sales to carry my products for sale http://www.ornamator.com after reading this I would never allow this company to carry our Ornamator line!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this out there.

  20. Anonymous

    I made the mistake of being lead to Unbeatable when looking for some office forms I use in my business. A package of these forms average about $5.00 with 5 packages per box for $25.00. The Unbeatable price was $16.38 but I find out after receiving them, that is what they charged per package for a total of $81.90 a box. With shipping overcharge also I was charge almost $100.00 for a $25.00 item. I am in process of trying to return them and after reading the comments about them, I am expecting problems. First time I have ever had such a problem with online companies. I learned that I should have investigated them before using them. Wish I would have read the above testimonials. thanks

  21. Jimmie Gray

    I’m glad I found a place to let everyone know my experience with unbeatable shitheads. We are still having unresolved issues with them. We naught a very nice Tiffany light shade thru them. The shad took 6 weeks to get here and came with blow holes in the glass from burst out air bubbles in the glass.

    I’ve been trying for 12 days now to get them to just exchange the darn thing and unbeatable sales won’t return a call or respond to my last three emails and 2 phone messages. I don’t think I’m ever going to get this resolved. Be weary.

  22. Darryl

    I’m glad I did a search and read this first. I was about to order an area rug through Amazon. I have scratched them off my list forever. Social media works !

  23. Kevin Brown

    Well Add me as another victim of this companies scams. I ordered a trunk with Brass locks, latches, trim and corners. The trunk I got well I got a P.O.S. china made crap trunk with cheap chrome locks, latches, Etc! I called got a return RMA# and I returned the trunk. I paid for the return freight and I’m out $73.10. It seam they had just wrote and posted a return policy to the website to further there scam in a criminal manner. I have made it my mission to drop a Law suite (Small Claims) on there asses just to satisfy my Revenge!

  24. Jessica

    Place an order last week, got a tracking number, tried to track it on the website, refuse to work, got in contact with them this is what I got.
    Anastasia: Unfortunately, your order has been cancelled.
    Anastasia: Please contact your credit card company regarding this issue, at this time I am unable to find the information for you.
    My credit card company has nothing to do with this, it’s them.
    Why the hell would you let me wait and never tell me that my order was cancelled.
    I check my statement and i’m stil being charged.
    Furious with this company and will never use them again.
    I have reported them to: http://www.co.ocean.nj.us/Consumer/MainPage.aspx
    Has anyone received a reply back from them to see what can be done?

  25. maryann

    just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for posting all these comments. was thinking of purchasing from comfortmarket, which is part of unbeatablesales. and after reading what happened to all of you. i’ve made up my mind to purchase the sheets elsewhere at a well know place with a higher price. at least i know that they can be trusted. it’s worth it to pay more for peace of mind. thank you all again for posting. i always look at customer reviews and sure enough this was the only one i could find on this place. no wonder they don’t post any on their site. theres nothing good to post. we must all look out for each other on this world wide web of ours. if we don’t do it, who will. thanks again and happy, safe shopping!

  26. AMF

    Horrible Customer Service **We ordered a Fireplace and it arrived damaged. Called and e-mailed pictures immediately and the stonewalling began! 5 to 7 weeks for them to investigate the claim before a decision can be made, when pressed they indicated it could be 12 weeks, that is ridiculous. This seems to be a recurring theme with this company! Because we did not inspect the package, however the carrier (R L Carriers) policy is that you cannot inspect before unloading, you must sign the Freight bill before it is removed from the semi and they are under no obligation to wait after it is unloaded for you to check for damage. Talk about a conundrum! We have a room under construction so waiting 5 to 7 weeks or more is unacceptable as our home is under construction. We have filed a claim with VISA and are working thru the process to try to recoup our money, which is a fairly long and can be an expensive process to the consumer. Just to clarify I did check with another vendor and their policy would have been to send a new unit and pick up the damaged unit ASAP! So we are at week 6 and of course still waiting for an answer. We sent a complaint to Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs. I encourage anyone who has had a bad experience to go to http://www.co.ocean.nj.us/Consumer/MainPage.aspx the complaint form is on the left. When I called they had 3 complaints so I can only assume that most do not take the time to send in a complaint. This entire situation makes me so angry and they know you must wait and it is really really annoying!

  27. Jackie C

    I ordered from this company through amazon. I usually never have problems when I order through amazon however dealing with unbeatable sales has been a nightmare! My package still had not been shipped and the estimated arrival date had passed already. Each time I called this company I had to wait about ten minutes to be helped. Their representatives are not helpful! When speaking to them, I asked them to transfer me to customer service because they were no help. They told me they couldn’t because they do not have an extension for contact them! I told the representives that was ridiculous! Finally, after calling five times I managed to speak with a helpful representative. She explained to me the return policy unbeatable sales has. It’s the worse!!!!!! I wasnt able to cancel my orser because once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled. If I want to return my package, I have to pay for the shipping and the original shipping charge will not be reimbursed! Furthermore, she said they might charge me a 25% restocking fee! NEVER AGAIN will I buy from this company! I wish I could find out a way to notify amazon because I find that this is completely unacceptable!!

  28. John D

    I bought a 50 LED flashlight from Amazon.com who gave the sale to Unbeatable Sale, Inc. The Flashlight only would function with a maximum of 22 LEDs at the best switch setting. The advertisement and description said all 50 LEDs at one time.

    I got an RMA and returned the flashlight. Unbeatable refunded $22.00 base price, but no shipping or return shipping. I am out $13.52 wasted expense, that is 61.45% of the $22 cost.

    As a consolation they returned the falty flashlight to me which I threw away. This is the first absolute loser company that I have dealt with via Amazon.com, but it also shows that Amazon.com does not protect you when you order from them.

  29. teachermommy


    I too was taken by this company and their deceptive practices. We purchased an entertainment center from them and when placing the order, I confirmed, with not one..but two of their sales reps that the price being offered was for the entire unit (comprised of 4 separate pieces). The price was very low, but we assumed that it was because it was something we’d have to assemble (much like previous purchases from other companies like Sauder) Both reps said that the low price reflected on the site was indeed for the entire unit. We were excited and purchased the item. Even with the relatively higher shipping costs, it was still cheaper than anything else we had viewed. When the huge box arrived we were ecstatic…until we opened it. Inside was a completely assembled TV stand and nothing else. When I called the company to discuss this, their sales rep said that there must have been a mistake and that we should have recieved the other pieces as well and that she would take care of it.

    Several days past before we received a call from a different rep (Patti) who said that their website and their reps had made a mistake and that the price quoted on the webiste was only for the TV stand and if we wanted the other three pieces we would have to order them separately and with additional shipping charges. I was furious to say the least and after much arguing, she said I could return the item (though usually against their policy) and they would refund our money. Sounded good, except the part where she finally added that they wouldn’t be reimbursing us for the original shipping costs AND that we would have to pay to have it shipped back to them. I WAS FURIOUS!!

    After threatening to report them to numerous agencies and to plaster negative reviews through every venue I could possible think of, she finally agreed to sell us the remaining three pieces at a reduced rate and reduced shipping cost. We felt we were stuck either way, so we proceeded with the transaction. When the 3 items arrived, all three were damaged (2 beyond repair and one that could easily be fixed). I made note of the damaged boxies and while the shipping guy was still there we opened the smallest box to examine the damage and he even noted the damge on the delivery ticket.

    Unbeatablesales.com says right on their webiste that they will replace damaged furniture. I contacted them immediately via email with photos of the damaged pieces. I heard back from a rep (Ashley) promptly the next day. She said she would look into it, but that it could take up to 4-7 weeks to file a claim with the delivery company. WHAT THE “H-E-double toothpicks!! ” We went back and forth for over 9 weeks (20+ emails & phone calls) only to keep being told, “As soon as we know something, we will contact you”

    I finally had enough of the BS and called my credit card company to see if their was any action I could take. They said it was a good thing that I called when I did because the timeframe for filing a dispute was close to running out (Somehow, I think Unbeatablesales is aware of that timeframe!) and that I should act quickly, which I did. My Credit card company immediately refunded the cost of the 2nd shipment (of course we are still stuck with the cost of the 1st shipment because they were two separate transactions) but at least we didn’t get strapped with the entire cost and the TV stand is decent, though not what we wanted when you factor in the pieces that should be with it.

    UNBEATABLESALE.COM (along with all of the other webnames they go by) ARE 100% DISHONEST SCUMBAGS.

  30. Joe

    Bait and switch seems like they would have called trying to get you to pay the extra shipping. Instead it looks like a screw up on their part and they refunded your money instead of sending the order and losing on shipping. Best of my understanding it is not illegal to cancel an order as long as you are not running a scam or intentionally trying to run a bait and switch. I would be happy that I got my money back. Really I guess it depends of if the customer service rep lied to you. Always remember the lower level customer service reps do not have the authority to do anything. Next time I would talk to the sales manager.

    All of that being said it does look like the have a problem posting their shipping rates incorrectly. The only reason I posted this is because I own a webstore and understand the problems that come up when a customer doesnt talk to me or someone that can fix his or her problem. Had the same issue. I sent out 10 products that i priced incorrectly $24.99 and it actually cost me $65.00. I sent the 10 orders out and when i ran out i I put the item out of stock. Before I could i had a few orders come through. At that point i immediately refunded the customer explaining to them that i had no inventory and why the price was so low. I had to reorder to restock inventory. 2 weeks later i got items back in with the correct sale price.

    Companies make mistakes but it is the COMPANIES job to communicate to their customer exactly what is going on. They should have emailed you an explanation.

    Note: I dont even know this company other than looking at the site and all their other sites online. Seem to be a webversion of a wall mart or target. Remember when shopping online it is generally best to shop with small to medium size store that you can speak to the owner if necessary. Those stores have alot more riding on your happiness than the big-box type.

    Great thing about reviews is there is no covering up bad customer service. Reviews are vital to any business. Helps you keep up with both the good and bad.


    1. teachermommy

      Unbeatablesales is deceptive through and through!! They know exactly what they are doing and it goes way beyond posting shipping rates incorrectly. They are making these mistakes purposely and then trying to take advantage of the customers in their weak attempts to “solve” the problem.

      Glad to hear you stand by your customer service policies, but that doesn’t mean that all companies do.

  31. Joe

    Bait and switch seems like they would have called trying to get you to pay the extra shipping. Instead it looks like a screw up on their part and they refunded your money instead of sending the order and losing on shipping. Best of my understanding it is not illegal to cancel an order as long as you are not running a scam or intentionally trying to run a bait and switch. I would be happy that I got my money back. Really I guess it depends of if the customer service rep lied to you. Always remember the lower level customer service reps do not have the authority to do anything. Next time I would talk to the sales manager.

    All of that being said it does look like the have a problem posting their shipping rates incorrectly. The only reason I posted this is because I own a webstore and understand when a customer only talks to a phone rep that has no authority to make special customer service decisions

    1. jik Post author

      Bait and switch seems like they would have called trying to get you to pay the extra shipping.

      There are many reports on the web of them doing exactly that to other people. Presumably the only reason they didn’t try the same crap with me is they knew the mark-up would be so obscene that there’s no way I would pay it.

      Best of my understanding it is not illegal to cancel an order as long as you are not running a scam or intentionally trying to run a bait and switch.

      Offering a product for sale at a specific price, processing an order at that price, and accepting the customer’s money at the end of the order process has all the required components of entering into a binding contract. Subsequently refusing to sell the product at that price is therefore a breach of contract.

      That by itself is a civil tort, not a criminal act. It’s only criminal if there was intent to deceive the customer. There are enough reports on the web of this particular merchant engaging in this particular behavior that either (a) they are completely, utterly incompetent and deserved to be shamed far and wide on the Internet until their business collapses under the weight of their own incompetence, or (b) they’re doing it on purpose and engaging in criminal fraud.

      I think (b) is more likely, but either way, I’m going to post about it when something like this happens to me, because I think merchants like this deserve to be shamed out of business, and I think consumers deserve to be warned not to do business with them.

      1. Joe

        Hit the submit button by accident. Reposted it correctly

        1. Joe

          I dont blame you. It seems something is going on to have this many people write in on it. if it was my store I would personally contact my customer and make it right whatever it took. I’ve done it before. Cost me but the guy walked away happy.

  32. Jim

    I bought a wine cooler refrigeration unit from this organization — well, actually, from pricefalls.com, which turned out to be unbeatablesales.com. Had checked out pricefalls online, and it got overwhelmingly positive ratings. Warm weather coming on, so time was of the essence. Nine days later my payment is suddenly refunded, with no explanation. I sent an inquiry, received a form-letter response: “due to a website error.” Now I start the process over again elsewhere. If they don’t have the thing to sell, or don’t want to sell it at the price they advertise, they shouldn’t offer it. As it is, it’s just a huge waste of everyone’s time, and I resent that. Steer clear of doing business with unbeatablesales.com or pricefalls.com.

  33. Shelley

    dont get anything from this company, you will get screwed. They won’t let you return anything, not good for customer satisfaction..

  34. RonnieReagan

    I have to agree with all the posters on this site that hate unbeatablesale. I tried to “do the right thing” ordering an expensive American made toy for my child this year, instead of getting a cheap Chinese knock-off from Amazon.

    It’s been over a week and UnbeatableSale hasn’t even bothered to ship it. How could they possibly have the item in stock if an entire work week has gone by and nobody bothered to take the item off the shelf, put it in a box, and ship it.

    Avoid UnbeatableSale like they are the plague.

  35. Maureen

    I also have had a major problem with Unbeatable Sales. I ordered an archway and gate for the price indicated, including a picture on the site. When it arrived there was only a gate. They told me they posted it incorrectly on their website and would not honor the price. I could pay more than double for the archway or return the gate. I returned it and they still have not refunded all of my money. It has been two months. They are a total scam!! Their customer service is completely useless.

  36. worm

    So I am not the only one ripped off by these idiots and thieves. The scam they pulled on me was they claimed an item had free shipping. I placed the order and only after the order was processed and complete was a shipping charge included. By then, the credit card had been processed and the order was submitted. They did not give me a chance to review the order before it was officially placed! I called immediately and was told the order was not present in their system yet so nothing could be done and I would be given a call back. Yeah, like that happened. When I called later I was told customer service was closed for the day because it was Friday and they close early. “Caleb” told me he would take my number and someone would call today. Yeah, like that is going to happen. Worst online order site ever.

  37. Pingback: NG govt: Our job is to enforce red tape, not investigate criminals « Something better to do

  38. Leo

    Next to this blog I right now see the sponsored link: “Department Stores are Ripping you Off, Save up to 90% Off, 32 GB Apple iPad, Price $799, Bid $30.67, SOLD, Save: 68%.” And more. Not sure whether others now and at other times see same sponsored link. Gotta love the dynamics of advertising. We shall refrain from judging the author by the company he keeps. Don’t take me wrong, Jik, I like your articles and I’m forwarding to family for instructional purpose.

  39. Nate

    I always always do a thorough search on any website from which I intend to purchase an item… *especially* if the price is significantly lower than everywhere else. If I don’t see enough *good* reviews, let alone any bad reviews, I don’t buy from that site. There’s just too many scammers out there like these guys. They probably don’t even have the items in stock, just get them drop shipped from somewhere else and pocket the difference.

    I presume you have received your money back? You didn’t specify above.

    1. jik Post author

      You’re probably right that they drop-ship big items like this from the manufacturer rather than keeping them in their inventory, which makes their claim about trying and failing to ship the item via UPS all the more absurd.

      I did get my money back. They refunded it to Paypal, which is how I’d originally paid for it. I’ve read horror stories from many other people who ordered items, the company shipped something different from what they’d actually ordered, and then the company refused to take back the errant product and refund their money. There are also stories online of the company charging to customers’ credit cards higher shipping rates than what was promised at the time of the order, and then refusing / failing to cancel the order and refusing to take the shipment back or charging an exorbitant restocking fee and refusing to refund the shipping.

      All this makes me wonder why they refunded my money instead of pulling the same sort of thing with me. I suspect that it may be because I paid using Paypal… If they hadn’t refunded my money, I could have initiated a dispute with Paypal, and if Paypal gets enough disputes of that sort about a merchant, they cut off the merchant. Paypal doesn’t allow users to initiate disputes about transactions that have been refunded, so the refund could have been intended to prevent me from filing a dispute.


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