Johnny Monsarrat link round-up

By | June 11, 2013

Following up on my earlier posting, some interesting reading on the Johnny Monsarrat lawsuit. The ones in bold are the juiciest.

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4 thoughts on “Johnny Monsarrat link round-up

  1. Anonymous

    He’s re-suing Ron Newman because of liver journal post re-located to Dreamwidth.

    1. jik Post author

      YHGTBFKM. I hope Ron finds a good lawyer. He should be able to file an anti-SLAPP motion and recover his legal fees.

  2. Anonymous

    hey jik,

    JonMon’s suing Encyclopedia Dramatica now.

    They’ve got a header on every page, and their jonmon page redirects to their DMCA-bot page. stumbled across it by accident today.


    1. jik Post author

      I imagine I might care a bit more about this if E.D. weren’t such a cesspool.

      Having said that, I hope Randazza not only gets the suit dismissed as a SLAPP suit but also convinces the court to pay the defendants’ legal costs. I haven’t looked at E.D.’s JonMon page recently — and I apparently can’t now, since they’ve taken it down — but I seem to recall that it was pretty factually accurate the last time I looked at it, and even if it wasn’t, I doubt there’s any site on the internet that is more clearly satirical and not to be taken seriously than E.D., so I think it should be _prima facie_ obvious to any court that applies the correct standard that the stuff written on E.D. isn’t libelous.

      Also, if JonMon really used a DMCA request to get them to take down the page, then that was entirely and completely bogus and a clear misuse of the DMCA process. They should not have taken down the page in response to such a request. Having taken down the page in response to such a request will actually hurt their case.


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