My current take on Boston’s mayoral candidates

By | June 29, 2013

I’ve spent some time taking a look at all of the declared candidates for Boston’s mayoral election. Here are my initial reactions, for those who might be curious.

People worth considering

All of these are people I’d be happy to see elected.

John Connolly

(Web site.) Current City Councillor. I very much liked what he said and did about the Boston Arts Academy / MSBA renovation fiasco (email me if you’re curious). His web site has by far the most detailed platform of any candidate, and I agree with pretty much everything he wants to do. His connections would make him a less adversarial mayor than the outsiders who are running, but they might also prompt him to ignore some of the “business as usual” which really needs to be cleaned up. Overall, after looking at all the candidates, Connolly is currently my first choice.

Bill Walczak

(Web site.) If you’re looking for an “outsider” who has the potential to shake things up and yet also has the strength of character and experience to avoid being eaten alive by the establishment, Bill’s your man. Definitely worth a serious look. Education and community health-care are his two big issues, and he has a huge amount of experience with both of them.

Charlotte Golar Richie

(Web site.) She seems highly qualified. She has been endorsed by EMILY’s List. She would be Boston’s first woman mayor. Unfortunately, her web site is entirely lacking any sort of substantial content about her vision, plan, or platform.

Robert Consalvo

(Web site.) City Councillor. Worth a look, but if you’re going to vote for a current City Councillor, I think Connolly is a better choice.

People I ruled out after taking a look at them

John Barros – Active in the community and working for various community non-profits, but no experience with any sort of public office or position in government. City hall will eat him alive.

Charles Clemons – I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he’s completely unqualified to be mayor.

Marty Walsh – State Representative. If Charlotte Golar Richie weren’t in the race, I’d give Walsh a more serious look, but he falls into pretty much the same category as she does, and in my opinion she’s more qualified across the board.

Daniel Conley – Suffolk County District Attorney. Frankly, I don’t think we need a law-and-order mayor right now, and I don’t think prosecuting attorney is the best background for a mayor to have. And, like Charlotte Golar Richie, his web site has not a single substantive word on it about his vision, plan, or platform.

Michael Ross – City Councillor. Served two terms as City Council President. He would be Boston’s first Jewish major. In my opinion not nearly as well-qualified as several of the other candidates. Also, he’s too slick by half; his campaign appears to be a lot more about style than substance. His web site sucks, and there’s nothing substantive on it about his positions or platform.

People I ruled out quickly

Felix G. Arroyo
David James Wyatt
Charles Yancey

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