Twitter, what were you thinking?

By | April 14, 2015

Here’s what email notifications about favorited tweets looked like one week ago:

Old Tweet Favorited Email

Here’s what I see today, in exactly the same amount of screen real estate:

New Tweet Favorited Email

I have to scroll down to see which tweet was forwarded.

Twitter, WTF were you thinking?

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One thought on “Twitter, what were you thinking?

  1. JonT

    I think sometime around 2011, the Earth must have entered some kind of mysterious radiation field that drove all user interface designers insane, and we still hare stuck in that field. Stuff like this has been happening all over the place. One of the latest is, which did a recent redesign that admittedly does make things work better on smartphones, but on desktop web browasers huge amounts of space are wasted and even in a moderately large window you have to scroll down a full screen hight to see the forecast. And that’s after their previous redesign, which also bloated the page and wasted space.


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