The GOP does not have a monopoly on sexist political discourse

By | August 10, 2015

no_slut_shamingAuthor David Gerrold, who tends to attract a mostly left-leaning following, posted this link recently on his Facebook wall:




Here are some of the comments that were posted within a few minutes:

  • “Nice cleavage…did she say something?”
  • (In response to “Geez, what an airhead…”) “Look at the picture again, I don’t think the air’s in her head…”
  • “I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ but…how is that outfit of hers appropriate for THAT conversation? Seriously.” (Guess what? You are “that guy.”)
  • “Skanky too”
  • “Clearly her cleavage is bigger than her intellect.”
  • “I’m not surprised since they obviously hired her for her boobs and not her brain.”
  • “She has nice breasts.”
  • “What happened to her blonde hair?”
  • “Eliminate boob jobs completely We shouldn’t give boobs to someone just because they’re female.”
  • “Libertarian propaganda spouted by Faux News bimbo.” (Damn, that comment was going so well until the last word!)
  • “They shouldn’t put people on TV just because they’ve got boobs.”
  • “…her IQ falls somewhere below her bustline.”
  • “Fuck that bitch.”
  • “People paid that money into a retirement trust fund, you ignorant bitch.”
  • “Does she have blood coming out of her whatever?”
  • “At least she’s not blonde.”
  • “The older folks on FOX are just looking at her tits anyway.”

A number of these comments were made by women.

Here’s a clue, folks: slut-shaming is never ok. Never. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a liberal or conservative, and it doesn’t matter whether the woman you’re criticizing is a liberal or conservative. It doesn’t matter whether she’s smart or stupid. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with her. It doesn’t matter whether what she’s saying makes any sense at all.

To see obviously liberal people making this comments just a few days into the Donald Trump is a sexist pig scandal is both astounding and eye-opening.

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