Vanguard Group, you disappoint me again

By | September 9, 2019

Dear Vanguard,

Yesterday, I wrote to you about the trouble I had trying to donate stock to a charity through your site, and the additional trouble I had when trying to complain to you about the initial trouble.

I also tweeted at you about it. You responded this morning:

I also DM’d you and asked you to send me the form I needed:

So, let’s look at how you responded:

  1. You ignored my DM.
  2. You sent me a tweet claiming that I could download the form I needed from your web site, which is not correct and that’s exactly what I was complaining about yesterday.

But wait, there’s more. The link you tweeted at me does indeed open up a page entitled “How do I gift Vanguard mutual fund shares to a person or charity?” with a link whose text is “Give shares to an Individual or Organization”. You might therefore think that clicking on that link would bring me to the form I need, but nope! For some inexplicable reason, it opens up a page entitled “VBA Account Application for Organizations”, which is very much the wrong form that I absolutely do not need.

In short, the people running your Twitter account gave me incorrect information which revealed yet another bug in your web site.

I’ve been your customer for long enough to remember when you were at the vanguard (ha ha!) of online brokerage technology and ease of use. It’s a shame that it has come to this.


Jonathan Kamens

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