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Media frenzy

You’ve probably noticed by now that the story has gone viral today.  It’s been picked up all over the country, including the AP and USA Today.  It’s been covered in far too many places for me to list even a fraction of them.  The Consumerist story has over 40,000 hits, the story on my blog has… Read More »

Offer from Continental

I spoke again today with the Continental customer service representative who has been handling this issue. She apologized again, assured me again that the airline takes what happened very seriously, assured me that the issue is being handled at the highest levels of senior management, and assured me that a full investigation was being conducted,… Read More »

It’s not about the money

I’ve been pilloried by many commenters on this blog and others for threatening to sue Continental over what happened to my daughter.  You know, “This is what’s wrong with our society,” “People who think that a lawsuit is the right answer to every slight are scum,” stuff like that. The thing is, I never said… Read More »

News media roundup

Here’s a round-up of what the news media have done with this story… I sent a tip to the Boston Herald and never heard back from them. I sent a tip to the Boston Globe and never heard back from them. I sent a tip to WBUR (90.9 FM) and never heard back from them. Not… Read More »