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Microsoft Outlook and IMAP: When a Message ID isn’t a Message ID

You would think that when your email client saves a copy of an outgoing message in your “Sent Items” folder, that message would be an accurate copy of the message that was sent, right? Well, in the case of Microsoft Outlook and IMAP, you’d be wrong. For some entirely inexplicable reason, Outlook assigns one message… Read More »

Hack of the day: auto-filing IMAP “Sent Items” folder

I file my email in different IMAP folders, grouped by topic rather than the “received messages in one folder, sent in another” model imposed nowadays by most mail clients.  It’s easy to keep the messages I receive organized by topic — when I’m done handling a message, I simply move it into the appropriate folder.… Read More »

Tiggit Mail: Good program, great author

I recently set out to find a decent IMAP client for my BlackBerry Bold, since although the BlackBerry has native IMAP support, my employer’s IT department has disabled it. I found two to consider: LogicMail, which is free, and Tiggit Mail, which costs $30.  Both are under active development.  I evaluated them and found them both… Read More »