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Micro Center enters the junk mail hall of shame

“For two years, I have been attempting to eliminate junk mail from my mailbox. In addition to signing up for the Direct Marketing Association’s “do not mail” list, I have contacted every single entity that has sent me junk mail, literally hundreds of them, and asked them to remove me from their lists. I can count on one hand the number of entities who have been incapable of honoring my request. Same on you for being one of them.

“I’ve spent so much time and effort combating junk mail because it is a huge scourge on the environment, and I actually care about the future of our planet. Apparently, your company does not.

“I will, of course, be posting this letter on my blog and encouraging all those who read it to shop elsewhere. Why should we patronize a store which thinks nothing of ignoring its customers’ wishes and destroying the environment?”