Seven years later, Micro Center is still in the Junk Mail Hall of Shame

By | August 6, 2016

(See the last chapter, published in July 2009.)

Tonight, I sent the following email to Micro Center:

Mr. Lukens,

I would like to call your attention to, a letter which I sent to Micro Center’s corporate headquarters and published on my blog over seven years ago, detailing the near-impossibility of getting Micro Center to stop sending me junk mail.

You posted a comment there claiming that the problem had been taken care of. Except, of course, it hasn’t. I received junk mail again from Micro Center in 2011, after which I submitted yet another unsubscribe request, and again in 2015, after which I submitted yet another unsubscribe request, and then again last week.

In addition to complaining about the junk mail, I also mentioned in my letter that the privacy policy URL printed on your mailings —, was invalid. Today, over seven years later, the URL printed on your mailings has changed — it is now — and it is still invalid. Honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine the mind-blowing level of incompetence indicated by allowing an invalid URL to be printed on your mailings for more than seven years.

It simply amazes me that you still don’t have a setting in your customer database to indicate that a user has made a do-not-mail request and should not be added back to your mailing list even if they buy something from you.

Alas, I do still occasionally find it necessary to shop at Micro Center, when I need something immediately and can’t wait a day for Amazon. Rest assured, however, that I would shop at your store a hell of a lot more if you weren’t such ASSHOLES about the junk mail thing.


Jonathan Kamens

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