Workplace irony

By | June 8, 2009

Last week, the internal training division of my company sent out the June schedule of  one-hour seminars they hold regularly on various topics.

One of the seminars, entitled “The Working Parent,” was described as follows:

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning ways to assess our current lifestyle, set priorities and choose realistic goats. Review tools to help meet the multitude of demands facing the working parent. Topics discussed will include:

  • Challenges Facing the Modern Working Parent
  • What Matters Most
  • Meeting Your Own Needs

I was interested in attending this seminar until I checked my calendar and discovered that it was taking place during the all-but-compulsory managerial training I’ll be attending next week, away from my family at a hotel in Connecticut for two whole days.

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3 thoughts on “Workplace irony

  1. Leo

    Goats a ferocious eaters, so important decisions are whether one gets a small enough number of goats to be able to feed from natural growth throughout the year, or whether one plans to buy goat feed, which has further impact on the environment elsewhere and on the owner’s schedule. Also, the cost of fencing may be significant. It is good to be realistic about your goats.

  2. jont

    What I want to know is where around here does one purchase realistic goats, and are there any laws against keeping goats in our neighborhood. Does the seminar also teach you how to milk the goats and make goat cheese?


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