MBTA routes are now in Google Maps, but they’re still wrong!

By | July 30, 2009

MBTA route information has just become available in Google Maps (both Web-based and Google Maps Mobile).  Google and the MBTA are planning on formally debuting it at a press conference at South Station in an hour or so.

I checked, and the data that the MBTA gave to Google has the same errors I’ve been complaining to the T about for over six years.

Since South Station is a short walk from where I work, I’ll be paying a visit and handing out this flyer to any reporters I find there:

Ride the T with Google

(click for PDF)

If I’m lucky maybe I’ll even get to shout out a question to Dan Graubaskas and ask what he’s planning on doing about the fact that the routes given out by Google Maps are wrong because of incorrect data provided by the T.

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4 thoughts on “MBTA routes are now in Google Maps, but they’re still wrong!

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  3. Joe


    Anybody who rides the T knows to budget an extra hour and a half to travel time each way to account for delays and incompetence. It’s common knowledge to those who use the system.

    Keep up the fight, but I don’t think the T gives a hoot. They’re the only game in town.

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