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Advent Tamale in Boston is hiring!

The Tamale RMS team at Advent Software (NASDAQ:ADVS) in Boston, where I have been happily ensconced for almost three years, is hiring Operations, Quality Assurance, and Software Engineers, Client Services Specialists, and Product Managers.  Advent Tamale is full of great people doing exciting work for demanding clients. At Advent, we offer competitive compensation and benefits,… Read More »

Workplace irony

Last week, the internal training division of my company sent out the June schedule of  one-hour seminars they hold regularly on various topics. One of the seminars, entitled “The Working Parent,” was described as follows: This workshop is for anyone interested in learning ways to assess our current lifestyle, set priorities and choose realistic goats.… Read More »

Administaff disappoints

A little less than a year ago, my employer, Tamale Software (since acquired by Advent Software, in what I would happily classify as the fourth successful acquisition of the five in which I’ve been involved), decided to outsource its human resources function to the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Administaff (note: Tamale used Administaff, but Advent doesn’t,… Read More »

Take a look at It’s a new site which I’d describe as an “enlightened” version of www.f* One major difference is that people are encouraged to post about not only companies where bad things are happening, but also about companies where things are going well. Furthermore, there’s a clever community moderation system which keeps… Read More »