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Citizens Bank screws the pooch on weekend “upgrade”

Citizens Bank “upgraded” their online banking site over the past two weekends. This morning, when I attempted to log in, here’s what I experienced: 30 seconds to load the initial login page 72 seconds to load the identity verification page (i.e., “you’re using a computer without one of our cookies already in its browser cache,… Read More »

Citizens Bank promises, doesn’t deliver, $50 promotional credit to me and presumably many others

July 23, 2010 Lawrence Fish Executive Chairman RBS Citizens, N.A. 1 Citizens Plaza Providence, RI 02903-1344 Dear Mr. Fish, Please find enclosed a complaint about your institution which I just filed with the office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts. You promised me a $50 promotional credit and then never paid it. I spent almost… Read More »

Terrible UI Design of the Day

The Citizens Bank Web site recently added a new feature: bill payees can be put into groups. When you first visit the “Add/Manage Groups” page, it looks like this: The first stupid UI decision should be obvious after a moment’s thought. Once you’ve set up your groups, you will rarely if ever create new ones,… Read More »

Citizens Bank credit card dispute idiocy

I recently sent Citizens Bank, the issuer of our primary credit card, a letter disputing a charge on the card. Being eminently familiar with the rules surrounding such disputes, I included in my letter all of the required information. A week or so later, I got back this letter:

Century Bank scorecard

My wife and I recently closed our Citizens Bank checking account and home equity line of credit (HELOC) and opened new ones at Century Bank. We decided to do this after many unsatisfactory interactions with Citizens. We’ve learned a lot about Century in the short time we’ve been doing business with them. I wanted to… Read More »