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MA Supervisor of Records denies my appeal based on specious legal reasoning

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

To: Shawn Williams, Massachusetts Supervisor of Records
Cc: Lori Sullivan,  the staff attorney in Williams’s office who research my appeal
Cc: Susan Krupanski, the MBTA employee who denied my legitimate public records request
Cc: Will Brownsberger, my state senator and an all-around good guy
Cc: On the Media
Cc: The Boston Globe
Cc: The Boston Herald

Dear Mr. Williams,

I have received your letter dated May 28, 2013, in which you denied my appeal of the failure by the MBTA to provide me with records I requested under the Massachusetts Public Records Law. A copy of your letter is attached for reference.

The legal justification you provide for denying my appeal is specious. Furthermore, your denial of my appeal flies in the face of available facts. Finally, on a purely common-sense level, your response is simply absurd.


Mass. Sen. Will Brownsberger to co-sponsor social networking privacy bill

Friday, January 11th, 2013

I have just been informed by a member of Massachusetts Senator Will Brownsberger’s staff that he “will be co-sponsoring a piece of legislation that will, among other things, prevent employers from asking job applicants for their social networking passwords.”

This issue has been raised in previous sessions of the Massachusetts legislature, but it has not yet gotten to the point of being included in a bill that was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor.

Apparently, Sen. Brownsberger was motivated to look into this issue and to decide to co-sponsor legislation about it as a result of a recent inquiry I sent him about it.

This is a great example of how incredibly responsive to constituents Sen. Brownsberger is. It is also a great example of the kind of legislator he is; over and over again, I find myself delighted by the positions Sen. Brownsberger advocates, the process he uses and effort he puts in to arrive at those positions, and the transparency with which he does so. Finally, it is a great example of why when there’s something you think your elected representatives should be doing, you should tell them!