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BBYO management: incompetent or merely stupid?

Earlier this year, my wife and two of my daughters attended CELEBR-8 U, a conference for middle school and high school girls organized by Moving Traditions, a wonderful organization for which our family has a great deal of fondness and respect. One of the co-sponsors of the conference was BBYO. Unbeknownst to us, Moving Traditions… Read More »

Craigslist email-reply scam and what Craigslist could do to fix it

UPDATE [2013-02-13]: According to this article on Craigslist, as of February 10, 2013, they have implemented and are testing the idea I described below for fixing the problem described in this posting. I recently placed a for-sale ad on Craigslist. I anonymized my email address in the ad, which means that the published email address… Read More »

IMPORTANT UPDATE on Brave New Foundation and Nation of Change

I wrote several days ago about spam I received from Nation of Change at an email address which had previously only been shared with Brave New Foundation. Earlier today, I wrote about Nation of Change apparently attempting to cover their tracks after their unauthorized use of email addresses was discovered and reported by me. I… Read More »

Oracle (née Sun) joins the club of companies who can’t keep their mailing lists secure

In September 2009, I registered as a developer at When doing so, I used a tagged email address, i.e., an email address part of which was unique to my registration at that site. I’ve never used that particular email address anywhere else or published it anywhere. In January 2010, Oracle completed its acquisition of… Read More »

A study in contrasts: handling stolen email lists

I try to make a habit of giving out “tagged” email addresses to web sites when I sign up for accounts / mailing lists / whatever. For example, when creating an account at, instead of just signing up as “”, I might sign up as “”. It ends up in the same mailbox regardless,… Read More »