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Sears violates CAN-SPAM act

Today, I received a commercial email message from Sears Home Services, a.k.a., Sears Holdings Corporation.  They got my email address when I made a service appointment through their Web site, which I subsequently canceled when it became clear that they were going to charge me more than a local repair man. The email message contained… Read More »

Lighthouse International: Yet another 2+ years of mailings after the first removal request

I just sent the following email message to Mark G. Ackermann, the President and CEO of Lighthouse International: Dear Mr. Ackermann, I am taking the unusual step of writing to you because my efforts to get this issue resolved “through channels” for over two years have failed. In a nutshell, I have asked Lighthouse International… Read More »

Hey, Congressman Robert Wexler: In the EU, this would be ILLEGAL!

November 21, 2009 Congressman Robert Wexler 2241 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Fax: (202) 225-5974 Dear Congressman Wexler, In May 2008, a letter from you to one of your supporters was forwarded to the Jews for Obama listserv with the introduction, “As you all know, Congressman Wexler has been a strong Obama supporter… Read More »

American Foundation for the Blind (AFB): Lying, unrepentant spammers

My wife and I have supported literally hundreds of charitable organizations over the years.  I donate on-line whenever possible, which means that many of these organizations have my email address.  The vast majority of them are smart and reputable enough not to send me bulk email I didn’t agree to receive, or at worst to… Read More »

Why I won’t be voting for Ayanna Pressley

On July 29, I received an unsolicited bulk email message from Ayanna Pressley, a candidate for one of the Boston City Council’s At-Large seats, with the Subject line, “Our Campaign Kick-Off for Boston City Council At Large!”  The email message to which it was sent (I use different email addresses for different purposes to make… Read More »