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Sears violates CAN-SPAM act

Today, I received a commercial email message from Sears Home Services, a.k.a., Sears Holdings Corporation.  They got my email address when I made a service appointment through their Web site, which I subsequently canceled when it became clear that they were going to charge me more than a local repair man. The email message contained… Read More »

Lighthouse International: Yet another 2+ years of mailings after the first removal request

I just sent the following email message to Mark G. Ackermann, the President and CEO of Lighthouse International: Dear Mr. Ackermann, I am taking the unusual step of writing to you because my efforts to get this issue resolved “through channels” for over two years have failed. In a nutshell, I have asked Lighthouse International… Read More »

Hey, Congressman Robert Wexler: In the EU, this would be ILLEGAL!

November 21, 2009 Congressman Robert Wexler 2241 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Fax: (202) 225-5974 Dear Congressman Wexler, In May 2008, a letter from you to one of your supporters was forwarded to the Jews for Obama listserv with the introduction, “As you all know, Congressman Wexler has been a strong Obama supporter… Read More »

American Foundation for the Blind (AFB): Lying, unrepentant spammers

My wife and I have supported literally hundreds of charitable organizations over the years.  I donate on-line whenever possible, which means that many of these organizations have my email address.  The vast majority of them are smart and reputable enough not to send me bulk email I didn’t agree to receive, or at worst to… Read More »

Why I won’t be voting for Ayanna Pressley

On July 29, I received an unsolicited bulk email message from Ayanna Pressley, a candidate for one of the Boston City Council’s At-Large seats, with the Subject line, “Our Campaign Kick-Off for Boston City Council At Large!”  The email message to which it was sent (I use different email addresses for different purposes to make… Read More »

VMware does email marketing right

I just got an email message from VMware which began as follows: Thank you for your past interest in VMware. As part of our routine scheduled maintenance, we will be removing email addresses and associated subscription information from our marketing database for contacts who have not updated their profile and/or subscription preferences within the last… Read More »

Spam Yoon

In a recent email message to me entitled “Fighting the Good Fight,” friend, author and politician Michael Burstein referred me to Kate Hutchinson’s blog entry about spamming by Sam Yoon.  Michael is an avid reader of my blog and therefore knows that I’ve been in more than a few scraps of my own like Kate’s. … Read More »