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VMware does email marketing right

I just got an email message from VMware which began as follows: Thank you for your past interest in VMware. As part of our routine scheduled maintenance, we will be removing email addresses and associated subscription information from our marketing database for contacts who have not updated their profile and/or subscription preferences within the last… Read More »

Spam Yoon

In a recent email message to me entitled “Fighting the Good Fight,” friend, author and politician Michael Burstein referred me to Kate Hutchinson’s blog entry about spamming by Sam Yoon.  Michael is an avid reader of my blog and therefore knows that I’ve been in more than a few scraps of my own like Kate’s. … Read More »

Fascinating phishing attack — the links are fine, but watch out for the toll-free number!

A phishing message in my spam folder caught my eye today, so I decided to take a closer look at it. It claimed to be from CapitalOne.  It had a legitimate sender address, a legitimate Subject line (“Please Call Us Regarding Recent Restrictions”), and convincing-looking content that was mostly lifted straight from a real CapitalOne… Read More »

Just Say No to shopping at Sears

I recently attempted to buy a couple pairs of jeans from Sears through their Web site, an attempt which failed spectacularly, as did my attempts to get Sears to fix it. Also, it turns out that not only does Sears spam people who order through their Web site, but they keep doing it after they’ve… Read More »