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King Richard’s Faire in the news

Well, she made it sound like I’m the only King Richard’s Faire patron who ever complained about it, said nothing about the fact that more importantly than the Kosher thing, the Faire’s policies discriminate painfully (literally) against people with medical conditions, let stand unchallenged a statement from the owner of the Faire that her policies… Read More »

Another letter in the Herald

Here’s what I wrote: To the editor: Donnie Feener’s willingness to take time out of his own life and undergo painful surgery to donate bone marrow to save the life of a stranger is truly admirable. Unfortunately, many patients who need transplants are unable to obtain them because a matching donor cannot be found. Finding… Read More »

Leave Louise Woodward alone

In response to “Killer nanny reinvents self as dance teacher in England” in today’s Boston Herald: To the editor: It is unfathomable to me why the Boston Herald thinks that how Louise Woodward is living her life is, or should be, news to your readers. Every bit of Woodward’s conduct since Matthew Eappen’s tragic death… Read More »

Thomas: No Questions in 2 Years

The Associated Press ran an article recently about the fact that Clarence Thomas hasn’t asked a single question during oral arguments in the Supreme Court in over two years. Apparently, the last time he asked a question was on February 22, 2006, 144 cases ago. Thomas claims that he doesn’t need to ask questions to… Read More »