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This is what happens when you let monkeys with keyboards design your email templates

You know how sometimes you encounter something that is so terrible and appalling that you feel you just have to tell other people about it? Well, for me, today is one of those days. But look, I’m a nerd who writes email software and likes to write raw HTML. If the terms “SMTP” and “MIME”… Read More »

How to delete your LiveJournal account

LiveJournal recently changed their Terms of Service. Many people are unwilling to accept the new Terms of Service. Some people even find them so unacceptable that they want to delete their LiveJournal accounts. The only way to delete one’s LiveJournal account is via the Account Status page. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to access that page without… Read More »

Intuit / TurboTax acts slimy and/or incompetent yet again

According to both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the IRS, my daughter, who has barely any income, should be able to e-file both her federal and state taxes for free using TurboTax online, thanks to the “FreeFile Alliance.” We tried filing her taxes through the TurboTax Android app. It didn’t offer her the option of free… Read More »

Editable menu accelerators under Ubuntu

GNOME, the Linux desktop on top of which Ubuntu’s Unity desktop is built, has this neat feature which allows you to edit the keyboard accelerator associated with any application menu item, simply by opening the menu, hovering over the menu item, and typing the keyboard accelerator you want to use. Unfortunately, the way Ubuntu implemented… Read More »